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Unlike the calendar New Year's Day - celebrated January 1st of each year - Chinese New Year is on its own schedule. Each year has its own animal symbol: 2013 was the year of the snake, January 31, 2014 will be the year of the horse, etc. We've included a handy chart below for your reference - Click Here Chinese New Year Calendar.

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Deck the halls, it's time for a holiday feast like no other! Today we'll review popular recipes for dinners with a meat oriented main course. If prime rib isn't your thing, we also have recipes for other types of meat below. Eat up and watch out for who's under the Mistletoe (Click link for Mistletoe history :) )!


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What goes great with Prime Rib? Potatoes: baked, boiled, or as steak fries. What goes even better? Twice Baked Potatoes! It sounds like a lot of work, but the result is an extremely tasty potato that will knock your prime rib dinner out of the ballpark.

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Baltimore, Maryland was founded in 1729, and has been one of the country's largest cities ever since. Today it is known as "a city of neighborhoods", with more than 70 unique areas each with their own culture and ethnicity. Sports fans will know the NFL Baltimore Ravens (Super Bowl XLVII 2013 Champions) and the Baltimore Orioles with now retired third baseman Cal Ripken, Jr. Baltimore is a great

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Sure, you can make prime rib without any flavor beyond its inherent taste, but that's not so fun after the third or fourth time. :) Over the years, countless chefs and restaurants have decided to make prime rib more interesting utilizing custom-made rubs. Meat rubs are mixed herbs and seasonings applied to prime rib before cooking. They can be dry or wet. Typically the wet rubs should be made

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Nashville is the undisputed Country Music Capital of the World, and rightly home to the Country Music Hall of Fame. Many of music's most successful bands, solo artists, and song writers have passed through this seminal American city at some point, making it a breakout destination for up and coming stars. Of course, Nashville is also the capital city of Tennessee and the county seat of a Davidson

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Home to our nation's Capitol Building and White House, Washington D.C. is the command center of the USA. It is arguably the most powerful city in the world, despite the dysfunctional legislature :) . Don't despair D.C. visitors, there's plenty to see. The Smithsonian, Air and Space Museum, Washington Monument, U.S. Treasury Building, Vietnam Memorial, and countless other exhibits abound in this

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Today, we hope to demystify Yorkshire Pudding, prime rib's delectable companion that often scares off would-be home cooks because it seems too difficult to make. In reality, the ingredients and preparation are relatively simple; it's the timing that counts!

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Home to "The Ohio State University" and Columbus Blue Jackets NHL team, sports fans will immediately recognize the capital city of Ohio as one of America's collegiate athletics powerhouses. The official city population is just over 787,000, making it the largest city by population in Ohio, surprisingly ahead of Cleveland and Cincinnati. As a result, Columbus is home to headquarters of 4 Fortune

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San Antonio is one of Texas' crown jewels. With a population in excess of 1.3 million loyal citizens, it's safe to say this city is on the up and up. Fans of the NBA know the formidable San Antonio Spurs call this city home. Of course, history buffs will recall San Antonio's prime tourist attraction is The Alamo, fully accessible to visitors curious about one of the nation's most important

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