Steak and Prime Rib in Baltimore, Maryland – Best Restaurants for Meat Lovers

Baltimore, Maryland was founded in 1729, and has been one of the country’s largest cities ever since. Today it is known as “a city of neighborhoods”, with more than 70 unique areas each with their own culture and ethnicity. Sports fans will know the NFL Baltimore Ravens (Super Bowl XLVII 2013 Champions) and the Baltimore Orioles with now retired third baseman Cal Ripken, Jr. Baltimore is a great town to visit, and has its own distinct dialect: don’t be surprised if you hear locals referring to the city as “balmer” in some areas, while “baldamore” in others. The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra calls this city home, in addition to the Maryland Film Festival, and Peabody Institute, part of the Johns Hopkins University (one of the city’s top employers). The last Civil War era floating vessel, the USS Constellation, remains docked in this historic port city. Visit “B’More”, “The City of Firsts”, or “Mobtown” 🙂 today!

16 thoughts on “Steak and Prime Rib in Baltimore, Maryland – Best Restaurants for Meat Lovers”

  1. Chaps bit beef is da bomb: great food and affordable. The menu offers everything from regular American food to Mexican “South of the Border” platters.

    Great place, great people.

  2. We tried Wit & Wisdom on a whim. Wow, bring your checkbook (this place ain’t cheap)!

    Expense aside, the food was immaculate and our server was very professional. The atmosphere was vibrant and exciting. THe restaurant is situated inside the Four Seasons, always a nice place to visit.

    Get the boss to pay! 🙂

  3. Best prime rib in Baltimore? Try ‘The Prime Rib’ restaurant for starters. You won’t be disappointed. I sure as hell wasn’t! 🙂

  4. I’m a big fan of Fogo de Chao. I ususally stop by in every city I visit.

    It left much to be deisred in Baltimore. Waiters weren’t so helpful and some of our meat was lukewarm or cold.

    • Must have been an off night. I’ve gone on the weekends and never had a complaint. Maybe the second string was working the kitchen.

  5. McCormick’s and Schmick’s was phenomenal. First off, the location is right on the water. Second, the food was amazing.

    We started off with the Shrimp Kisses appetizer. I enjoyed the Romano chopped chicken salad, while my brother tried the House Center Cut Filet Mignon. He said it was very tasty and tender.


  6. michael’s steak and lobster house was low key and very enjoyable. prices cant be beat given the quality of food you get.

    there was a good crowd inside, making for great people watching. its a regular joe type of place to visit for a solid meal.

    i highly recommend it.the pork and lamb entrees were super.

    • As a longtime resident of this colorful city, I take umbrage with your derogatory remarks. Have you anything intelligent to contribute besides deriding a classic American city?

      Sheba is obviously a troll living in his/her parents’ basement.

      • We went to Baltimore in June 2016 For a 2 week road trip with another couple. Loved every minute. For great food try Friendly Farms and Schultz crab cakes. Yummmmy!

  7. When in doubt, head to Flemings. Yeah, it isn’t a local operation; and yeah it’s corporate, but I’ve always had great experiences there.

    My friends and I enjoyed a picturesque cab ride to the restaurant and thoroughly enjoyed our dinner.

    Two thumbs up 😉

  8. When all else fails, go to the Outback. I definitely prefer the other places on this list, but if you need an impromptu meal and can’t get reservations, the Outback fits the bill.


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