Prime Rib is Best with Atomic Horseradish “Super Hot” Sauce

They didn’t name it “Atomic” for nothing: this amazing blend of spices and vegetables combines to produce an extreme hot sauce flavor unlike any other we’ve experienced.

Atomic’s 6 ounce bottle should be more than enough product to spice up your prime rib. The quality of the sauce is second to none. Only the best quality horseradish is used, teamed with a secret blend of flavors that will have you calling 911 after your first bite.

We recommend adding this sauce to your prime rib gradually, so that all tastes and spice tolerances can be accommodated. Don’t pour it all on at once unless you know what you’re getting yourself into! 🙂

Of course, this horseradish sauce can be used for other dishes, too. Use a scant amount to spice up an otherwise boring vegetable dip, or substitute for Wasabi next to your other favorite beef dishes.

You can’t go wrong here. Shipping is prompt and secure. Limited quantities are available so order now.

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