March 2013 and Beyond Sandwich/Hoagie/Grinder Specials at Top Restaurant Chains

Hungry for a sandwich and not interested in a greasy hamburger? Have a look at these promotions from the nation’s leading sandwich shops. All are valid for March 2013, and some expire much later. These deals can’t be beat!

“Roast Beef on wheat, American cheese, toasted, then lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, pepper, and real mayonaise!”… is what you’ve probably uttered a few times when opting for a sandwich over a fast-food hamburger or chicken meal. Yes, even though restaurants like Subway do prepare their food on the fly, it is markedly healthier compared to more traditional fast food vendors. Conscientious eaters can enjoy a meal that won’t pack on unnecessary pounds or boost unhealthy cholesterol numbers.

March 2013 Sandwich/Hoagie/Grinder Specials at Top Restaurant Chains
*Note: Where indicated, some of these offers expire long after March, so you have plenty of time to get a great sandwich at an amazing price!

Subway Restaurants*

  • $5 Featured Footlong Sandwich – Ends 5/31/2013 – Enjoy a scrumptious footlong sandwich for just 5 bucks at your nearest Subway. Featured sandwiches may change during the course of the promotion.
  • March Everyday Value Subs – Ends 3/31/2013 – A 6 inch Oven Roasted Sandwich costs only $3, while a footlong Buffalo Chicken sandwich is just $6. Chicken is flavorful and much leaner than beef, and Subway’s tasty sauces will delight your palette. $5 footlongs include Black Forest Ham, Veggie Delite, Egg and Cheese, B.L.T., and Cold Cut Combo.
  • $3 Breakfast Combo – Ends 5/31/2013 – Get a 6″ Breakfast sandwich and drink of your choice. Subway is rolling out some amazing breakfast specials that will give the burger joints a run for their money!

Firehouse Subs Restaurants*

Quiznos Subs Restaurants*

Arby’s Restaurants*

We hope you enjoy these great March promotions! Grab a sandwich, chips, and soda for March Madness 2013 and cheer on your favorite college basketball team. Some of these promos expire soon, so get while the getin’ is good!

*Subway, Firehouse Subs, Quiznos, and Arby’s Restaurants are registered trademarks of their respective owners. This article is for informational purposes only. was not compensated by any of the aforementioned companies or their subsidiaries for placement within this post. Please visit each company’s website or your closest restaurant for further information.

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