Key Largo Restaurant: World Class Ribs, Breasts, and Potatoes

This week we’re reviewing the famous Key Largo Restaurant of San Jose, Costa Rica. This popular tourist attraction is located in the heart of San Jose, a minute’s walk from the famous Horseshoe Casino.

No detail is overlooked in Chef Jorge “El Gordo” Rodriguez’s succulent prime rib, slow roasted to perfection with a touch of Costa Rican flavor.

We sat down at 7:00 PM after enjoying a nice walk through the vibrant downtown section of San Jose, the capital city of Costa Rica. Service was prompt and attentive. Drinks were served within minutes and at reasonable prices.

Key Largo’s menu features a robust selection of soups, appetizers, and entrees. Although we weren’t in the market for a Caesar salad, the hefty 10 oz “Tico” Prime Rib caught our eye. The waiter proudly described the dish in good English, making sure to indicate that this particular preparation had a “nice kick” of local spices and flavoring.

We passed on bread and soups, saving room for what would surely be a bulky slab of meat.

When waiter Diana returned 30 minutes later, she presented us with 2 enormous plates of Tico beef, with complimentary sides of white rice, black beans, and Pico de Gallo. It took us a good hour to eat, but there was plenty to talk about and see in this bustling Central American metropolis.

Desserts looked good but the tank was full. Off to the Monkey bar for a night cap!

What a meal! We give it 5 stars!

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