Best Prime Rib Side Dishes

Now that you’ve perfected your prime rib cooking skills, it’s time to complement your meat with great side dishes.

Super Easy Side Dishes Youtube Playlist Video – Asparagus, Carrots, and more

A starch and vegetable side are mandatory; in addition to a rich veggie preparation, rice, twice baked potatoes, and many other creative companions. A tasty meal is comprised of several different elements, each of which should be unique and palatable.

Best Prime Rib Side Dishes

With that said, here is a good list of popular prime rib side dishes. Bear in mind that the way in which you prepare your rib dictates the best sides: a savory cajun prime rib will need a couple other cajun dishes to make the meal complete.

  1. Yorkshire PuddingOur official Yorkshire Pudding Page is here. This is Prime Rib’s most famous companion. While the ingredients to most Yorkshire Pudding preparations are minimal, it can be hard to cook “just right”. The usual battle with Yorkshire Pudding revolves around making it not too dry, not too soggy. Yorkshire Pudding is cooked along side Prime Rib.
  2. Mixed Vegetables – Make your Prime Rib meal a healthy affair with cooked vegetables on the side. Carrots, zucchini, parsnips, red onions, and leeks are great ways to diversify your meal. To add more flavor, prepare the veggies with cheese, breadcrumbs, and cream. If you’d rather keep it simple, just boil them to taste. Add spices: garlic, rosemary, and thyme.
  3. Garlic Bread – Garlic bread is super-simple to make and always very tasty. A nice mixture of butter and garlic, or olive oil and garlic painted on some good sized slices of bread will be a great side dish. Bread sides are great for those who love to sop up their au jus as they improvise ways to get all the great flavors off their plates.
  4. Baked Potato – Another easy starch, baked potato will round out most prime rib dinners very nicely. Health nuts will like a simple baked potato with just a touch of butter or margarine. Others might like to dress them up with sour cream, butter, a sprinkle of cheese, or an intensive blend of spices. Our instructions for Twice baked potatoes, the most advanced baked potato preparation, offers the most opportunities for making a unique potato prep; although you’ll spend a little more time in the kitchen to do it.
  5. Salad, etc. – The ways to prepare and make a great salad are endless, so we won’t get into specifics here except to say that a nice side of greens will sell your prime rib to health conscious guests. One popular salad is the Waldorf Salad – click here for directions. Others like a traditional blend of American greens with ranch dressing, that can also be mixed into the rib on one’s plate. Spice things up with a homemade salad dressing of your own!
  6. Alternative Veggies – If carrots and zucchini aren’t your thing, take heart: creamed spinach, asparagus, broccoli, eggplant, or yams are great choices. Onions and green beans can also be delectable.
  7. Rice, etc. – Rice is versatile, healthy, and a nice diversion from the oft used potato side. Many chefs like to prepare rice pilaf with their prime rib. You can also make curried rice, fried rice, or even a “Rice-a-roni” style side that will delight your guests. Cooking rice is simple and it can be gussied up with a host of tasty spices, sauces, or mixtures.
  8. High Society – Want to really go all out and put the 5 star chefs on notice? Make a unique side dish for your rib, such as Haricot Verts with Herbed Butter – click here. Don’t worry, just because it sounds odd doesn’t mean it’s hard to make. If your dinner audience is tired of the tried and true Prime Rib sides, it’s time to take your game to the next level. You’ve been SERVED!

The best prime rib side dishes can make a prime rib dinner prep more complicated, but can literally be the difference between a “meat only” feast or “something for everyone”. These days, everyone’s eating habits are highly unique and picky. A nice prime rib with a variety of side dishes will make your meal more enticing and put smiles on your guest’s faces.

11 thoughts on “Best Prime Rib Side Dishes”

  1. Wow, I didn’t know cleaning Asparagus was so easy: just grab each end and snap. Nature does the rest. This is demonstrated in Jack Show’s video beginning around 1:56.

    Love the carrot dish, too. Great for the holidays when you’re doing 20 million things at once.

  2. That Haricots Verts and herbed butter recipe is an easy way to impress the in-laws. Mine are a little “high society” and high maintenance, and that salad did the trick.

    I also did twice-baked potato for a starch.

  3. I made Jambalaya on a whim and served it with prime rib. I didn’t include the meat in the Jambalaya, just the seasoned rice and some extra beans.

    It was a nice change from the usual stuff. Anyone try spicy white or brown rice combos?

    • I realize that this is late to the party, oh well…

      I like good long grain white rice, 1/2 and 1/2 with real wild rice. I roast some spicy sausage like Andouille or your choice of flavor. Saute some sliced Portabella mushrooms with minced onions, green or sweet, salt and pepper to taste. Crumble the sausage into the cooked rice then add some cooked fresh or frozen quality peas along with the mushroom saute. Mix carefully, serve warm.

  4. please post a recipe for twice-baked potatoes that is easy to make! i had them with rib at a restaurant and they were amazing. 🙂

  5. I like to make au gratin potatoes but get lazy sometimes. Sam’s sells a frozen au gratin casserole that’s actually tasty and easy, and since rib roast is the easy holiday alternative I sometimes throw in the ready made casserole.


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