Best Beef Bouillon for Soups, Braises, Sauces, and Stews

We’ve listed some beef bouillon brands below that are great VALUES. All can be purchased online and delivered right to your door. Buy in bulk and save, beef bouillon cubes have a long shelf life.

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Beef bouillon is a necessity for any beef soup, braise, sauce or stew. It comes in many forms: dried cubes, liquid bouillon in cans or cartons, or frozen. Experiment with small quantities of different brands before choosing one as your go-to bouillon supply. Some preparations are made with different spices and vegetables. Others offer less salt (important for health conscious eaters) .

Beef Bouillon Storage Tip: Canned or cartoned liquid bouillon can last 1 year unopened on the shelf. Some organic brands might have a decreased shelf life since they do not use preservatives. Opened liquid bouillon lasts 5 days, so make sure you use it right away or else it will go bad. 🙂 Frozen beef bouillon will last for many months, although you need to be careful about refreezing bouillon for long term storage to avoid any contamination.

Beef Bouillon Substitutes: Vegetable broth, Chicken Broth, or Beef Stock can be substitutes, but realize the taste of your final product will not be too beefy.;)

Best Beef Bouillon Brands

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1. Savory Choice Liquid Beef Broth Concentrate

Free of MSG, Gluten, and Trans Fats, Savory Choice natural beef broth is a must-have for your kitchen. It’s a little more expensive than most brands, but well worth the cost. Best of all, the bouillon comes in one cup stick pouches, so you can use smaller amounts as needed opposed to opening a large can and tossing unused product after your meal is ready. The broth comes as a thick liquid which can be lessened with water. With numerous 5 star ratings from customers, Savory Choice Beef Bouillon is a sure winner.

2. Knorr Touch of Taste Beef Bouillon – Bottle

This one’s new to the Amazon lineup, but Knorr is a consummate brand in the bouillon world. You’ve probably seen the small boxes of 6 cubes on your supermarket shelf next to the soups. This bouillon is an upgrade, and much tastier than most dried cube preparations. It’s convenient 180Ml size is large enough for a family meal but not TOO big that you end up throwing excess away. Buy in bulk to save. This one is priced right and shipping is prompt. Trust Knorr to make your meal wonderful.

3. Pacific Natural Foods Organic Beef Broth – 32 oz Carton

Pacific Natural foods has made quite a splash recently with its tasty line of carton soups. It’s 100% organic products mean nothing but the best goes into each box. With just the right amounts of organic garlic and sea salt, Pacific Natural Foods Beef Broth will meet the high standards of the pickiest of eaters hellbent on going organic. While it is completely gluten free, there is a small amount of fat present (but what good tasting broth doesn’t have a little fat? 🙂 ).  Don’t let the sticker price scare you off, you get a package of 12 that will last forever unless you’re literally running a restaurant. This product contains yeast.

4. McCormick Bouillon Cubes, 32 oz container

The McCormick name is legendary in the kitchen, offering a full complement of popular spices and seasonings. This product is great for the value, and the cubes store much longer in the convenient plastic bottle. Although it might not measure up to more “refined” liquid brands, McCormick’s Beef Bouillon cubes will be more than adequate for everyday cooking that requires a beef infusion. Casseroles, soups, and stews will taste just right. Note: This product is not commonly available at most supermarkets. Buy it here in bulk and save.

5. Herbox Granular Sodium Free Beef Bouillon, 3.3 oz package of 6

If a low sodium diet is non-negotiable, Herbox’s Granular Sodium Free Beef Bouillon is the best way to enjoy great flavor with your soups, stews, sauces, and casseroles. Although salt serves the practical purposes of flavoring and preserving other types of bouillon, Herbox’s creation gives your arteries a much needed break. Those who disapprove of watery canned bouillons will be pleasantly surprised: this granular bouillon stores longer and can be measured to each dish you prepare, saving the unfortunate problem of throwing out unused bouillon afterwards. Herbox gets high marks from customers at The health benefits of this product are incalculable and balance the extra expense.

6. Minor’s Original Formula Beef Base, 16 oz.

Minor’s Beef Base is a great bouillon alternative for hardcore cooks who want exceptional results. Preparations using base are slightly different from typical “just add water” alternatives, but are definitely worth exploring if you want to take your beef cooking to the next level. Minor’s Beef Base gets high marks from home cooks and professional chefs alike. Some culinary schools use this product in their coursework. The base comes in a durable 16 ounce plastic container, which should be more than enough product for light-to-medium duty cooking. Pros might want to buy more in bulk to save cash! 🙂  Made with freshly roasted USDA certified lean beef.

Vegan and Vegetarian Beef Bouillon Alternatives

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2. Vegetarian/Vegan Beef Alternative Bouillons

1. Edward & Sons Not-Beef Bouillon Cubes, 3.1-Ounce Boxes Pack of 12 * Vegan Alternative

Vegan Broth – Want a great tasting broth but also need to follow a vegan diet? Edward & Sons have the solution, and guess what, it tastes great! The cubes are custom made in Switzerland (hey, I only thought they made watches ? 🙂 ) and are very helpful inside a vegan kitchen. Most of the ingredients are also derived from organic food sources. Best of all, there is NO MSG included, yet another great selling point for this alternative to traditional beef bouillons. If health and diet are high priorities, this broth will satisfy your desires and produce great tasting food.

2. Better than Bouillon, No Beef Base, Vegetarian 8 oz container * Vegetarian Alternative

Vegetarian Bouillon/Base – Comprised entirely of vegetables, this knock-out broth not only hits the spot, but does right by your body. It contains 1/3 less sodium than comparable products, NO MSG, is Fat-free, is non-irradiated, GMO free, is dairy free-lactose, whey, and caseinate free. So after all of the usual suspects are eliminated, does it actually taste good? Of course! Vegetarians reviewing the product online give it high marks, one remarking “I’ve finally found the missing element of my new vegetarian kitchen!” The price is mid-range and best bought in bulk. The base has various applications and can be used in any number of entrees, appetizers, or soups.


There you have it! Eat up and let us know about your favorites in the comments section!

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  1. This is a nice list but for the fact you guys are shilling for Amazon.

    I like most of the above but they can all be bought elsewhere.

  2. Assuming your “Aflred E…” moniker is not your actual given name, it is “Neuman” to be comically correct.

    BTW, Minor’s gets my vote, I work a bar and grill and its like monkey wrench for food.

  3. Pacific Foods underwhelms me. It’s healthy, etc. but pricey for what you get.

    I’m a McCormick holdout for the sake of simplicity and balancing the budget. My circulatory system is curious about the vegan broths but my stomach might feel offended.

  4. Savory Choice prices fluctuate from time to time.

    Sometimes you can get a better deal online but check everywhere else first. I like it because it is super easy to use for high volume meals. Otherwise, the time-tested bouillon cubes cut the mustard.


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