Youtube Prime Rib Dinner Preparation and Instructions: Chef John

Let’s face it, not everyone is a 5 star chef. Most of us struggle to make a good grilled cheese. Although the process of preparing a good Prime Rib is relatively brief, there’s a lot that can go wrong.

Did you get the rub right? Did the roast spend enough time in the oven? Is it cooking on the inside? How much time do I need for preparing a large amount of prime rib? Can I cook side dishes an au jus at the simultaneously?

Sometimes text instructions aren’t good enough. After all, cooking is a hands on art and not always easily translated from a cookbook.

There’s a reason why “Mom’s secret touch” made the wholesome food you grew up with: she knew exactly how the oven worked, what recipes were tasty, and how long to cook meat.

Chef John from posted a great instructional video about preparing prime rib properly. It’s especially helpful for those attempting it for the first time. Chef John’s instructions are detailed and complete. His video includes photos of the prime rib prep process that are helpful and informative.

Have a look at Chef John’s video below. Then visit his site for more great recipes and cooking ideas!

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