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Try tenderizing steak with a single sewing needle. Is it possible? Sure, if you have 2 or 3 hours to kill with nothing else to do. In reality, most of us don’t have that kind of time to poke around 🙂 with our food. Using a high quality steak tenderizer will get the job done right much faster. Similarly, you could use a large kitchen knife as a quasi spatula, but the pointed end and sharp cutting edge make it clunky and dangerous to use unless you have no other option.

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Now that we’ve convinced you it’s OK to spend a little money on good kitchen utensils, here’s a list of indispensable implements for meat preparation. Use them with any of the recipes on our site! Quick Jump Menu – Click to preferred section: 1. Kitchen Knives 2. Steak Tenderizers 3. Metal Spatulas 4. Meat Thermometers 5. Miscellaneous Beef Preparation Tools – Rib Racks, Steak Weights and More 1. Kitchen Knives – Ginsu Essential Series 5-Piece Stainless Steel Knife Prep Set and Natural Hardwood Block This basic set of from the famous Ginsu company is affordable and more than adequate for most home kitchens. Ginsu’s knives are constructed with stainless steel, ensuring easy cleaning, years of use, and contaminate free cooking.  The high performance serrated blades will cut through the thickest of food challenges with ease. Best of all, you get the hardwood storage block included, an easy and stylish way of storing your knives when not in use (Keep out of reach of children!). This particular set of knives is perfect for meat and most vegetable preparation. Buy Ginsu Essential Series 5-Piece Stainless Steel Knife Prep Set with Triple Riveted Full Tang Handles and Natural Hardwood Block at Amazon Click Here 2. Steak Tenderizers Some cuts of steak, beef, or any other meat can be tougher than others. Other times, a little tenderizing is necessary if you’ve frozen the meat and are in a rush to put it on the grill. Steak tenderizers make this process much easier and produce a superior result. Your meat will be perfectly prepared for cooking, yielding a tender and supple product. Ordered by lowest to highest priced Norpro Professional Meat Tenderizer With stainless steel construction, a sturdy plastic handle, and a price that can’t be beat, the Norpro Tenderizer is great for light duty, infrequent kitchen work. It works great with steak, poultry, and other meats. Hand washing is recommended after use, although it could go in the dishwasher for an extra clean rinse. OXO Good Grips Meat Tenderizer Relieve pent-up stress and beat the crap out of your meat with this one-piece aluminum construction meat tenderizer, featuring both flat and textured sides. This utensil is lightweight, durable, and easy to clean. Great for medium duty kitchen work, the OXO tenderizer is best for home chefs prepping meat a couple times a week. Must be washed by hand only. Jaccard Supertendermatic 48-Blade Tenderizer For those that don’t like to horse around 🙂 the Jaccard Supertendermatic 48 Blade Tenderizer makes fast work of the most challenging meat preparation tasks, including over-sized steaks and slabs of prime rib a little too tough for immediate placement on the fire. Although priced higher compared to other alternatives, you might actually save money in the long run because you can buy cheaper cuts of meat that are generally tougher compared to their more expensive counterparts. Must be cleaned thoroughly with soap and water after each use, by hand and dishwasher for best results. 3. Metal Spatulas Quick Jump Menu – Click to preferred section: 1. Kitchen Knives 2. Steak Tenderizers 3. Metal Spatulas 4. Meat Thermometers 5. Miscellaneous Beef Preparation Tools – Rib Racks, Steak Weights and More You can’t flip hot prime rib with your fingers (well you could, but ouch!), and using a stick to flip your steak on the grill would have mixed results. Save yourself time, stress, and potential 2nd degree burns with a quality metal spatula. You might be able to get away with plastic or silicone spatulas for stir-frys, searing vegetables, or omlettes, but metal construction is absolutely necessary for high temperature cooking jobs. Ordered by lowest to highest priced Update International NEW 7.5″ Metal Square-End Spatula (also known as Turner Spatula or Barbecue Spatula) Grill student, meat 🙂 Grill Master! This affordable metal barbecue spatula is perfect for meat preparation, and could probably withstand the winter if you left it outside under your grill lid by mistake. This stainless steel spatula is considered “commercial grade” by its manufacturer, although we think it will do just fine in a home kitchen/outdoor grill setting. Even the largest slabs of beef will be no match for this spatula’s 7.5″ size. OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Turner OXO has done it again with yet another high quality, affordable steel spatula (steel turner) that will brave the highest temperature flames of your grill! The easy grip soft handle makes flipping jumbo burgers or hearty Porterhouse Steaks a breeze, and it can be put in the dishwasher afterwards for easy cleaning. This heavy duty metal spatula WILL NOT turn into a lump of smoldering plastic if left unattended while you shoo the family pets away from your aromatic grill. Dexter-Russell Cool Blue 8in x 3in Solid Grill Turner 6 EA This NSF certified grill turned/spatula might seem a bit expensive but is probably the best grill turner on the market for commercial kitchen operations or serious home grillers. Its beveled edges, ergonomic design, and heat resistant handle up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit make this a no-brainer for anyone who spends serious time with their grill. You could probably run this spatula over with a truck and it would still be useful and pass inspection. Look no further for a quality meat turner. 4. Meat Thermometers Mom might have known when food was ready by touch, but most of us need a thermometer to judge the internal temperature of thick slabs of beef, Thanksgiving Turkeys, or other larger carnivorous oven preparations. Send that meat to the table too early, and your family will feel a bit awkward when it tastes under-cooked and potentially unhealthy. Get it right the first time with a quality thermometer. Ordered by lowest to highest priced Taylor Classic Instant Read Pocket Thermometer Use this handy instant-read thermometer for anything that cooks up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s compact size, durable construction, and shatter-proof plastic lens make it great for everyday cooking tasks and holiday meal preparation. Taylor products have graced kitchens large and small for years, and at this price you can’t go wrong. Taylor 9842 Commercial Waterproof Digital Thermometer Looking for a nice mid-range digital cooking thermometer with a convenient anti-bacterial storage pen? Taylor’s Waterproof Digital Thermometer fits the bill, and can easily be used in commercial cooking operations. The stainless steel temperature stem is built tough to last long, and the LCD digital temperature readout produces easy-to-read results for those of us in a hurry and not interested guessing what the meter reads. NSF listed thermometer with battery operation and convenient on/off switch to preserve batter life. 5. Miscellaneous Beef Preparation Tools – Rib Racks, Steak Weights and More This website is about Prime Rib so we couldn’t leave you without some tools specifically meant for cooking beef. Of course, some of these tools can be creatively used in other cooking tasks, but for the moment we hope you find them useful for your next rib roast, steak, or burger! Outset Dual Rib/Roasting Rack Built with carbon-steel, this roasting rack is ultra-safe for rib and turkey cooking. It contains no PTFE’s or PFOA’s yet has a unique non-stick surface so you won’t have to pry your meal out with a crowbar. The rack  measures 17.25 x 9.25 x 7.75-inches, good enough for 6 slabs of rib. The rack is best cleaned by hand afterwards and allowed to air-dry. When not in use, it’s large enough to stack firewood! 🙂 Libertyware Cast Iron Steel Steak Weight and Bacon Press This tough-as-nails iron press and cool to the touch wood handle make it optimal for cooking your meat faster, especially when thoroughness counts. The days of pressing your spatula against the meat for 10 or 15 minutes are over: just plunk this weight on top and spend your time elsewhere preparing the rest of your meal. It’s also perfect for keeping bacon flat, an absolute necessity when frying it up for Sunday breakfast. Measuring in at 9″ x 5.5″, the Libertyware weight is ample for most cooking tasks and built to last. Waring MG-800 Professional Meat Grinder – Stainless Steal Burger-addicts, meat;) your maker! This stainless steel meat grinder is perfect for burgers, sausage, and pate preparation, and its heavy duty construction will last for years. Waring offers a 5 year limited warranty, so short of dropping it off a 3 story building, this one’s a keeper! A 450 watt motor guarantees you enough power to churn through just about anything. Plus, you get 3 cutting plates and 2 sausage attachments to boot. Must be washed by hand. Caution: Dangerous moving parts, keep away from children. Quick Jump Menu – Click to preferred section: 1. Kitchen Knives 2. Steak Tenderizers 3. Metal Spatulas 4. Meat Thermometers 5. Miscellaneous Beef Preparation Tools – Rib Racks, Steak Weights and More

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  1. You should clarify that the Dexter Russel turner is a SET OF 6, not $120+ for one.

    So price each is around $20. I clicked that link and thought it was forged in gold. 🙂

  2. OXO tenderizers is good but you got to clean it right afterwards. i like to beat the crap out of my low quality meat, so the hammer gets it done.

    also i would avoid buying second hand on amazon unless you can disinfect whatever comes in the mail.

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